Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron, 1949 - 2011

Man, this is some sad, awful news. Only 62 years old. And just last night my friend Alvaro was spinning into the wee hours at Not My Dog and got everyone's ears pricked right up (and many of their asses grooving) when he laid down 'New York Is Killing Me.' (I guess Scott-Heron wasn't kidding when he came up with that title.) Actually, every time we have a party and I play anything by GSC, inevitably, someone, usually someone on the young side, who might not typically be all that curious about the train of songs working through the stereo, will suddenly stop whatever they were doing and ask me: "Who is
that?" Pieces of a Man has been with me a long, long time. I'm New Here, with its beautifully personalized eponymous Bill Callahan cover, was one of my favourite records of the past several years, although I play it rarely, because I think the liner notes are quite right about it being something to listen to in a very private, quiet, nighttime space. It seemed like Scott-Heron was enjoying this incredible resurgence of creative energy. I can't quite believe that's it...

Times obit here.

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